How we keep in touch

If you have registered for member 'self-service', you will receive the following documents in electronic format:

Annual Benefit Statements

Each year, we will send you a statement which gives you full details of your membership of the Local Government Pension Scheme together with an estimated value of your potential scheme benefits as at the 31st March of that year.


'Pension Focus' Newsletter

This newsletter is issued at the same time as your Annual Benefit Statement and contains useful information regarding changes to the scheme regulations, topical pension issues and updates on the services that we provide to you.

If you have not yet registered for member 'self-service', the above documents will be sent to you by Royal Mail.


Notifying the Tayside Pension Fund

Please advise us if any of the following apply to you:

  • a change in your home address
  • you change your marital/relationship status
  • you wish to change your nomination(s) for the beneficiary(ies) of your Death Grant

Helpful information